Joan Beudeker

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Joan Beudeker
Joan Beudeker

My name is Joan Beudeker and I was born in the St. Vincentius ziekenhuis te Paramaribo Suriname on     January 27, 1952. Was baptized, received my first communion and confirmation at the St Bonifacius church also te Paramaribo.

I have always attended catholic schools because my parents firmly believed that the educational standards were at a high level with positive results. Most of our teachers were nuns and they instilled discipline and offered quality education.                 In September 1967 at the age of 15 years I migrated together with my 12 year old brother Francisco to Brooklyn New York to join our mother. It was quite a difficult adjustment but we settled in our new home and a very different kind of lifestyle. Education was my mom first priority on her wish list and failure was not acceptable. In 1973 at the age of 21, I successfully graduated as a registered professional nurse with a BS in community health. My nursing advancement were accomplished in the same health care facility for 38 years. My nursing positions and experiences included : charge nurse, head nurse and nursing supervisor. My clinical experiences were labor and delivery room and the medical and surgical specialty services in the ambulatory care department. It was indeed a challenge to direct, coordinate, manage and supervise my assigned nursing staff.

In April 2011 I retired after 38 years. my desire to return home to Suriname and hopefully offer my voluntary services wherever I could became a reality in August of 2012. Now we are enjoying our newly build home te Morgenstond, north of Paramaribo since December of 2013. God has truly blessed me and made my dreams come true. My catholic faith and believe has moved me spiritually to follow God’s call to reach out where ever possible in my Sweet Sranang.

On Sundays I attend mass at the cathedral and somehow the girls in the blue polo shirts caught my attention and interest. I also noticed a handsome little boy among them, who frequently would give me a beautiful smile in return after our eye contact. My observations continued by also noticing a respectful young couple who would interact with the girls. I quickly researched and found out that they were in charge and responsible for the Maria Internaat. On Sunday March 16, 2014 God openend the door. I introduced myself and immediately felt that God was guiding me in the right direction. My first meeting with them was on Tuesday March 18 and felt that Ariana, Marlon and the their new family also became mine. Their warm welcome, honest and open conversation about the Maria Internaat instantly required of me to network with my immediate families and friends. The results were just amazing and in a very short time action were taken and delivered.   Thanks to my sister Eunice Beudeker in Den Haag who is also a retired nurse. We Thank God for his blessings. I had promised to give the office and kitchen a curtain face lift but this also happened ahead of time and resulted in reality. With the help of my cousin Lucia Benschop I wanted to surprise Ariana for her birthday.

The curtains were put into place and her birthday flowers decorated the office so beautifully. When she arrived home on the eve of her birthday she was the happiest person on this universe. I could hear her excitement in her voice when she called. That made me feel happy also. My retirement plans are to spent 6 months in Suriname and the remaining months with my family in New York. I am hoping to network with friends and families or to do some fund raising to help support this special home for our young ladies. May God give us the strength, wisdom and guidance to provide a safe and happy environment for our children. They are the future.

With best regards, respect and much love. Joan Beudeker.

5 gedachten over “Joan Beudeker

  1. Joan is my best friend and she has a giving heart. She will do anything possible to help where needed. Maria Internaat is blessed to have Joan as their ambassador. May the good Lord bless you with His everlasting love!

  2. Congrats Joan, I am proud to be able to say I know this person. It is a great honor for you, I am sure. I know you will be the gift to them all. My god continue to bless you, so you can do your very best work.

  3. In een korte tijd heb ik u leren kennen.
    U bent een liefdevolle vrouw met een groot hart!
    Geweldig dat u zich inzet voor het internaat.
    Uw positieve energie steekt andere aan, om ook een steentje bij te dragen.

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